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"This is like a moment from a horror movie."
"This is precisely the moment where the mutation or beast will attempt to kill an unlikable side character. But, in stories where there has been no prior cursing, violence, nudity or death, such as in a family film, the unlikable character will escape his encounter, and be referenced later in the story, having learned valuable lessons. He may even be given a humorous moment to allow the audience to feel good about him. This is where I turn to run. You will leap for me, I will shut the door, and you will land a fraction of a second too late. "
"Mr. Heep, my mom told me more of the story before she threw a cushion at me."
"Am I gonna die, because I wrote this?"

"He's hearing the voice of God through a crossword puzzle!"
"It's about to get very dangerous."
""Characters were walking around, saying their thoughts out loud. Who does that? And in a typical romance where the couple finally tell each other they love one another in the rain. Why does everyonelike to stand around and talk in the rain in movies?"
"Um...well maybe it's a metaphor for purification; starting new."
"No, it's not!"

"Mr. Heep is a playa!"
"I'm sorry I couldn't protect you. Oh, I should have been there, I am always going to regret...just not being there. I miss your faces. They remind me of God. I'm so lost without you guys. I met this very nice lady, and her name's Story. I think you would have liked her. I think she might be...an Angel, she has to go home. I love you all, I love you all so much."
"Mr. Leeds, it's time we prove that some stories are real!"
"Your sister will have seven children. You will see the first two."
"What kind of person would be so arrogant as to presume the intention of another human being?"
"I don't know who you are, but you did something to me...to my thoughts."
"A boy, in the midwest of this land, will grow up in a home where your book will be on the shelf and spoken of often. He will grow up with these ideas in his head. He will grow into a great orator. He will speak and his words will be heard throughout this land and throughout the world. This boy will become leader of this country and begin a movement of great change. He will speak of you and your words and your book will be the seeds of many of his great thoughts. They will be the seeds of change."
"The pictures on the cereal box are supposed to make you feel happy. But I feel sad, like the time you forgot to pick me up at school."
"Once, man and those in the water were linked. They inspired us. They spoke of the future. Man listened and it became real. But man does not listen very well."
"Your thoughts are very sad. Most are of one night. A night a man entered your home when you were not there. He stole many things and killed your wife and children. That is when you stopped being happy. You were a doctor. I am very sorry for you. You believe you have no purpose. You help all that live here."
""How many more of you are there?""
"Where did you come from?
Another world."

"Man thinks they are each alone in this world. It is not true. You are all connected. One act can one day affect all."